Wild Feminine is a process designed to re-activate the Wild, Untamed, Natural essence of the Feminine.

Wild Feminine is an offering created with love and intention.


It is time to become an activist and reclaim our most AUTHENTIC expression.


It is a crucial time in our collective story right now, in which it is our duty, as EARTH BEINGS to reconnect with the Wild and re-embrace the Feminine. For the healing of our internal landscapes and the healing of the Earth, this offering expresses a Wholistic view on the interconnection between us and all that surrounds us.


Wild Feminine offers us the opportunity to UNAPOLOGETICALLY BECOME OURSELVES.


Through the collaboration of two transformational facilitators, these events will reveal the Wild that IS YOU.

We offer 6 to 10-day Wild Feminine immersions in sanctuaries around the world to dive deeply into the work of re-awakening the wild within. We blend spiritual practices, holistic lifestyle tools and awakening experiences in which the body-mind-soul is presented with the opportunity to re-discovered.


We will practice different Yoga traditions, asana practice, and rituals.

We will Dance, Sing, Share, Expose and Hold one another. 

We will circle, and open our minds and hearts

to expand together in a new era of sisterhood. 

​​​Our programs will:

  • Reconnect you to your body

  • Harmonize your desires and your actions

  • Reawaken your playful spirit

  • Give you clarity on your life's purpose

  • Empower you as a leader of your own heart

  • Give you powerful tools to skillfully design a healthy lifestyle 

  • Reconnect you to your authentic voice 

  • Invite you into a community of Wild Women 

Join us in a Wild Feminine experience

to RE-MEMBER the wild self and connect with the deep feminine waiting to be awakened.

  Join us on an adventure of a lifetime. An immersion in which we will dive into the depths of the hidden territories within. Through dynamic meditations, dance, yoga, singing, partner work, deep inquiry and reflections we will begin to understand our inner landscapes so that as women, we can collectively rise. We will share seven days of shedding what is no longer needed, gathering the support to continue forward as powerful women and witnessing ourselves and other sisters in our transformation.

      WILD to us means living in the natural state, dancing with the rhythms of nature and connected to the cycles of the moon. It means deeply listening to the messages of our bodies and honoring them fully and completely. It means learning our boundaries, our 'yes' and 'no' and standing firmly within them like a tree rooted in the Earth. 

 Our immersions reconnect YOU to the authentic, raw truth that lives inside your heart, your guts, and in the womb of every woman. 

We will immerse ourselves in nature, reawaken our creativity, learn how to live in harmony with the Earth, explore our inner terrain through movement and dance and emerge stronger, more rooted in our authentic voices, and ready to meet the world with our fullness.

"We have created this Sacred Work to honor and awaken the feminine essence in all women. 

We believe that through the embodiment of mindful practices, we are able to

 rise  Together.

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