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Wild Womwn.

Gloria Glo

Gloria has lived on the ecstatic note of life since her young age.

Her dynamic, attentive, magnetic and willing character has always directed her to say YES to the spontaneous multitude of life opportunities.

As a devotee to movement; she has built over twenty five years of dance experience, from contemporary choreography, to ballet and modern Dance.

The rhythms of her well-traveled feet have brought her to the exposure of more liberal dance movements, and it wasn't until the merging of movement and meditation through Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms that Gloria truly found what she had beed digging for.

For Gloria, dancing is a religious practice; When she goes to dance, she goes to church.

Another thread of embodied movement that has enhanced her own life as well as the life of her students, is the wisdoms of Yoga.

Gloria has been teaching Yoga since 2013. That same year she discovered Air Yoga in New York and certified her training in this unique form of art. The combination of these conscious practices inspired her to design ultra personal classes and retreats that focus on Pranayama, Ayurveda, Traditional styles of Yoga and Air Yoga. She has taught in Europe, Canada, United States and Central America. Her most preferred way to teach these complex sciences is through one-on-one client consultations to honour the detail of composition of each individual.

Gloria also studied Interior Design and is certified in Feng Shui. 

As a multi-disciplinary Artist, the series of her work are inspired by her admiration for geometry, patterns, maps and systems of ecological, cultural, psychological and spiritual studies.

Gloria is the founder of Sattva Land, a Wholistic Learning and Healing centre in the jungle of Belize, Central America. (https://www.sattvaland.com/)


Grace Edmunds

Grace first stepped onto the path of practice when she was 16 and took her first yoga class. Every day since has been an unfolding of a fruitful path of contemplation, self-inquiry, and self-empowerment. Through the practices of Yoga, Mindfulness & Music (Kirtan), she supports students awakening the wisdom that is within them. Grace believes that all that we seek is already within us and we can use contemplative body-mind practices to assist in the uncovering of our true nature. With breath and awareness centered practice, her students go on a journey to discover the nature of their mind and body and leave class feeling centered and empowered.


Grace's dedication to transformation through personal practice brought her to the birthplace of yoga, India, where she attended her first yoga teacher training in the Sivananda lineage. Since then, she has studied Para Yoga & Sri Vidya Tantric studies, Yoga for Kids, & Mindfulness while exploring yin yoga as well. Grace’s passion for the physical practice of yoga-asana is met equally by her love of yogic philosophy and creative movement which she often interweaves into her classes. Breath is the centerpiece of practice for her and her classes use the breath as a means of inner-transformation.


Grace is also a passionate musician who sings and plays harmonium and guitar. She has performed and led Kirtan at yoga studios and spiritual centers around the world. Her Kirtan flow classes blend mantra chanting and singing with powerful asana practice to evoke a sense of deep connection.


Grace LOVES to embody the feminine. Her journey with this have been the result of her world travels and observing how many different cultures worship and respect the feminine. She has led classes and rituals to embody the feminine, has worked with different archetypes of the goddess and has chanted to Durga many hundreds of times. Now is the time to awaken our feminine nature for true inner and outer transformation.


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