The jungle IS the Wild Feminine, and this immersion will reconnect YOU to the authentic, raw truth that lives inside your heart, your guts, and in the womb of every woman. 


We will walk through the jungle, reawaken our creativity, learn how to live in harmony with the Earth, dance and inquire deeply under the roof of the Yoga Shala and emerge stronger, more rooted in our authentic voices, and ready to meet the world with our fullness.






 Sattva Land: Wholistic Lifestyle Center, Belize. 

This eco-center is a wild Sanctuary in the lush jungle of the Maya mountains of Belize. Sattva Land is a magical center, in which the sense of time disappears and the magic of the natural surroundings brings a fresh awareness to the mind and body. 


Sattva Land's ashram-style living allows deep immersion to be fully embodied and experienced by offering its retreaters a space to be present with their healing journey. The quiet of its surroundings, together with the intensity of the Jungle, makes Sattva the perfect location to dive into the depths of the heart and soul. 


The eco-chic design of this beautiful venue is a unique blend of alternative design, detailed Italian touches and bohemian flair, making Sattva a comfortable and fully equipped retreat space in the middle of the Jungle.


Our Guest Goddesses

Giulia Garofalo

Giulia’s passion for alchemy has been alive since a young age. In 2014, she moved to the jungle of Belize with her family and founded Sattva Land…a Eco-Conscious retreat Center for healing and regeneration. Sattva has deepened Giulia’s observations of alchemical interrelations between the Earth and people. Through the growth of the land project, her love to transform nature into nourishment and prepare food as medicine took strong root.

One plant medicine she holds dear to herheart is Cacao. As a keeper of this medicine, Giulia grows Cacao at her home inBelize and loves to hold space for connective Rituals that merge drinking chocolate,sacred Sound and mantra.Her and her partner also founded Dragon Chocolate – achocolate making passion project that crafts artisanal chocolate bars and organizescacao oriented events that aim to inspire harmonious vibrations on the planet.



Sara Catlett

With a background and passion in massage therapy, Sara began studying SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy, which is an ancient traditional practice that uses the whole body to heal the whole body. Thai is a passive form of yoga where the client gets moved into yoga postures and uses compression, stretching, acupressure, and rocking to alleviate tension, misalignment, and limitations. Thai Therapy focuses on the meridian lines of the body, stimulating the flow of blood and lymph, for an invigorating and full body experience. 


Sara is devoted to the path of Holistic Wellness. As an advocate for many healing modalities, her philosophy and facilitation integrates mindfulness, sound therapy, bodywork, plant medicine, movement, and the pursuit of spiritual development together for full embodiment and optimal well-being.  Sara’s unending compassion and love shines through her wiliness to embrace anyone, at any stage of life, on a journey to rehabilitation and expansion. 



Pricing & Accommodations:

Double Accommodation Luxury Shala Cabin

Sattva offers 3 of these beautiful Eco-luxury cabins with views of the Jungle, plenty of room and amazing outdoor bathrooms complete with zen gardens. Two single beds in each room, making the perfect treat for yourself and your bestie! 

Shared Accommodation Stone House

The Stone House is literally a Castle built in the Middle of the Jungle. This Shared Home is a truly unique experience. This space hosts 4 beds and an eco-chic outdoor stone bathroom to make your stay in the jungle feel like a fairytale. 

Double Accommodation Garden  House 

The Garden House is a beautiful Bohemian style wooden house situated in the midst of the Sattva Land Gardens. Offering 3 double rooms, shared outdoor showers and composting toilets, the Garden House is the perfect place to retreat on a budget, yet with style. 


*Pls note all Prices include accommodation, meals, full schedule of the Wild Feminine Retreat, Outings and group transportation from and to Belize Airport. 

We are ecstatic over the creation of the


Wild Feminine Collective. 


We are gathering the world's leaders in the healing of the feminine and creating a listing for women to access this healing work within their own community.

Check out the Collective here.

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