• Wild Feminine

Reactivating My Wild Feminine

By Nicolina Higgins

Movement has always been an integral part of my life. Born into the world from the womb of a dancer and artist, dance has always been my favorite and deepest form of connection and expression. Lately though, I have strayed from this love and need. My time at the Wild Feminine retreat was an incredible reactivation of this love affair that I had lost touch with in the last year.

I had been previously introduced to ecstatic dancing, but the Wild Feminine retreat was my first real initiation into dancing through the rhythms and shadows. I generally consider myself a very light and positive person, so I was surprised by the desire to dive into the darkness with both the dancing and the ritual practice. But it was absolutely amazing to explore this work, to go deep, and to face my most raw, vulnerable and authentic self in a supported and healthy environment. This, to me, is a very essential part of activating my most wild, feminine self.

I strongly believe we are at a time where it is necessary to feel our frustrations and darkness and let them fuel our fire to do the world-changing work.

We’ve been told for far too long to suppress this aspect of ourselves, but it is okay to be raw, it is okay to be vulnerable and it is definitely okay to be angry. This is how the change happens. This is where it starts.

The healing that comes from women gathering together in one safe space to share, support, and love one another is simply indescribable…profound…inspiring. Not only was the Wild Feminine retreat absolutely conducive to this healing, but all of the movement, practice, and ritual curated by the radically activated facilitators, Grace Edmunds and Gloria Glo, furthered my healing.

I am so grateful to have been a part of this beautiful healing space that was crafted with so much love, care, deep knowledge, and understanding of what it means to embrace your inner wild self. It was a profoundly transformational, dynamic, and an empowering embodiment of my wild feminine self and the collective as a whole. The retreat was a reawakening of many things I already knew I needed and an activation of core inner work that was hiding in the depths of my deepest, darkest places.


From a young age, Nicolina held an innate curiosity about the world around her. Through her alternative education and global life experiences, living in places like Costa Rica, India, China, Australia, and Indonesia, Nicolina's flame was sparked. She found her fire and passion in alternative healing work focusing on the reclamation, healing, and empowerment of the feminine. Connect with her on Facebook.

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