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The Feminine Knows...

Artist: Melina Del Mar

Wild feminine lives in the body and heart of every woman, as well as every man, of course.

It is the property of the spirit, knocking at the doors of our existence, wanting to be heard, to be lived, to be danced.

Wild feminine knows that the answers is love and compassion.

I see the Wild feminine trapped everywhere, held in captivity by a society that does not support the nurturing of our true wild spirit, nor the education of our true emotional intelligence... for this is what wild feminine is essentially: true and intuitive emotional intelligence.

We live in a world driven by intellect, where the mind guides the human experience through a life of unachievable dreams and perpetual illusion, making us think that what we truly desire to be is not even possible. This keeps us stuck in the unhealthy realm of the mind, dreaming of a version of us that we “could be”, and too scared to take the steps towards the path of making it a living dream.

The approach is not in the mind, that is the old story, a rational trapped that impedes to recognize that anything is possible... that is HisStory! The vision of “what I could be” is incomprehensive to the rational mind because it goes beyond any pre-set refinement of what we have known so far to be “me”.

Wild feminine knows the real, raw, unapologetic, “I’ll do what’s right for me” ME.

Wild Feminine knows the compassionate, nurturing, loving and receptive ME.

Wild Feminine is ready to write the new story, HerStory.

She lives inside each and everyone of us and the Earth itself is desperately calling for all her child to come alive. She is calling for us to gather our strength and courage to set on to the path of reawakening the Wild feminine within and join her roars towards the healing of our collective story.

This work, this movement, is in service of that calling. The calling of the earth and the calling of the wild feminine spirit inside… knocking, knocking, knocking.

It’s time to open that door, to discover the real power we all hold inside, to join the true force of nature that we Are.

In ritual, in practice, in ceremony, in active engagement we enter the new portal together.

I am honored to be surrounded by such an amazing and powerful group of women who are actively changing the story and re-arranging the patterns towards a more sustainable and healing lifestyle, for themselves as well as for others.

With this work I stay in service of the divine Wild feminine, guided by her whisper.

My calling is to re-activate the Wild spirit of women, to gather the tribe and become one shaking, dancing, singing, embodied vessel for the Divine Mother to speak through and vibrate her healing through us, as her children.


Gloria is the founder of Wild Feminine and a transformational facilitator. Her passion and wild heart invoke the spirit of the feminine and has inspired many women towards a path of empowerment and self-love. She lives in the Jungle of Belize, where she founded a beautiful sanctuary and wholistic center, Sattva Land.

Follow her story on Instagram @SacredPortals

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