June 20 - 26 // 2021

Rebirth is the process of being born again.

This retreat focuses on the revival of your Wild, empowered self through active visioning and the re-arrangement of stagnant patterns.

In order to be re-born, part of us must die. Like a phoenix, you will rise from the ashes of what has been and enter the beauty of what you are ready to be. 

About this Retreat


Once you have emerged from the depths of yourself, you arrive anew. You hold a new perspective on yourself, your womanhood, your life’s purpose.


This is the second module of the Wild Feminine journey, in which we learn how to be in our new skin, how to nurture and maintain the blooming that is happening in our hearts, our bodies, our voices.


Just like a sprout, this is a delicate time. There needs to be loving attention, for it is a new era.


As we rebirth ourselves anew, we learn that this is something that happens over and over again in the body of every woman. We learn how to accept the death of what has been, we practice compassion for all the stories that have brought us where we are right now, we acknowledge the light as well as the dark, as we learn that all sprouts are rooted in depth of the soil in which they grow.


Through the process of this retreat, you will learn how to gather tools, information, and allies to support you on your rebirthing journey. In this module we will dive into the integration of spiritual work and daily living, offering you a range of ways to connect to what resonates most deeply with you. We will work on cultivating and tending to our inner and outer gardens and share our journey with a community of women who are dedicated to keep blooming into our collective purpose as earth guardians, mothers, and creators.

Our Offerings, practices, and approaches

Our immersions invite women to directly engage with the wisdom of their bodies. We do this by entering ritual practices such as conscious movement meditations, ecstatic dances, yoga, mantra chanting, and circle songs.

Your healing and transformation start from within. 


The intention of the different practices we bled together is to open the body as a vessel for the divine to flow through us. Our bodies have gathered information since before we were born, in the belly of our mothers, in the depths of the womb from which we came from. By approaching our work and investigation by engaging our bodies and our voices, we actively open pathways for energy to travel through us and bring us back to our wild, liberated self.


Dance is our medicine as well as our birthright.

Our voice is our expression and the way we communicate our needs in the world.


In our immersions we offer:


  • Tantric Hatha Yoga 

  • Yin/Restorative yoga

  • Dance

  • Ritual Theater

  • Singing Circles (Opening the Authentic voice)

  • Self-inquiry quests

  • Journaling

  • Partner practices

  • Meditation (still/dynamic)

  • Jungle walks

  • Creative expression exercises

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Sound Healing

  • Nurturing touch

  • Community building

  • Philosophy of a healthy feminine cycle

  • Womb healing practices

We welcome all women, no experience necessary. 

This is an example of one day will look like: 

7:00 am - Yoga, Chanting and Meditation

8:45 am - Breakfast

10:30-12:30 - Morning session (varies each day)

1:00 pm - Lunch

3:30 - 5:30 - Afternoon session (varies each day)

6:30 pm - Dinner

8:00 - 9:30 - Evening gathering/sangha (varies each evening)

Through our retreats, we have a lot of material to share and cover together. You will, of course, have free time, such as a full free afternoon, a free night and a free morning, as well as an amazing beach day at a nearby Caribbean seaside town.  We design our immersions to be a healthy blend of engaging healing practices and nurturing rest. 

Your guides

Gloria Glo and Grace Edmunds have been facilitating women's empowerment immersions together since 2017. Their passion and knowledge for this work translate into the potency of their classes and the refined approach to their teachings. Their different yet similar background make a perfect blend of spiritual practices and together they offer a full spectrum experience: dynamic and cathartic as well as gentle and nurturing. Their combined studies include yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness, personal development, 5rhythms®, Feng shui, and permaculture. They are the founders of Wild Feminine and hold the torch for deep transformations. More info about them here.


Sattva Land, Belize

We are so blessed to have this beautiful place to host our Retreats. 


Sattva Land is a Wholistic Lifestyle Center for eco-conscious immersions. 

An amazing wild Sanctuary located in the lush jungle of the Maya Mountains of Belize. Sattva Land is a majestic center, in which the sense of time disappears and the magic of the natural surroundings brings a fresh awareness to the mind and body. 


Sattva Land's ashram-style living allows deep immersion to be fully embodied and experienced by offering its retreaters a space to be present with their healing journey. The quiet of its surroundings, together with the intensity of the Jungle, makes Sattva the perfect location to dive into the depths of the heart and soul. 


The eco-chic design of this beautiful venue is a unique blend of alternative design, detailed Italian touches, and bohemian flair, making Sattva a comfortable and fully equipped retreat space in the

middle of the Jungle.

*** 15% Early-bird discount for this Retreat will be

available until September 21st // 2020 ***

Accommodation and Prices: 

The Garden House

 This is a beautiful bohemian style wooden shared-house situated in the middle of the Sattva Land gardens.

The home is designed with 3 double rooms, 1 large room with 3 single beds and 1 small private room.

Shared eco-chic outdoor showers and composting toilets.

$1820 USD for twin share accommodation in the Garden House.

The Stone House 

This is literally a castle built in the middle of the jungle and this shared home is a truly unique experience.

This space hosts 3 beds 'dorm-style' and one semi-private queen bedroom upstairs.

Equipped with a beautiful shared outdoor stone bathroom to make your stay in the jungle feel like a fairytale, and flushing toilet. 

$1765 USD for share accommodation in the Stone House. 

$1870 USD for semi-private accommodation in the Stone House. 

The Shala Cabins
Sattva offers 3 of these beautiful luxury Eco-luxury cabins with views of the jungle, plenty of room and amazing indoor bathrooms, complete with zen gardens:

Caban & Lamat: This cabin has 3 single beds, plenty of extra room,

spacious bathroom with zen hot showers and flushing toilet. 

Imix: This cabin has a queen bed, plenty of extra room,

spacious bathroom with zen hot shower and flushing toilet.

$2110 USD for shared accommodation in Shala Cabins.

$3320 USD private queen accommodation in Shala cabins. 

What's included:
6 nights accommodation at the gorgeous jungle Retreat Center
3 amazing vegetarian meals per day from the permaculture community on this land
5 full days of workshop program

Excursion/adventure to local cave and/or waterfall
Cultural exchange with local women

Beach Day
A luxurious afternoon to arrive and land, then a relaxed morning to gather yourself together to transition back into the world.  Aaah, spaciousness.




Transit info:
Either fly into Belize airport and take a shuttle that we organize from there.
Shared Shuttle prices vary depending on the number of people. Usually range between $45 and $85 USD.
Or, from Belize City, there's an option to get a short domestic flight (15min) to Dangriga.
From Dangriga is a 30min taxi ride to Sattva. (approx. $40 USD)
Click the link to this flight:



How do I join the Wild Feminine Retreat?

There's a $350 USD non-refundable deposit to hold your place and secure the early-bird price.

The remaining balance is due one week before the retreat. 

For cancellation policy click here.


Yes!! I am ready to begin my Wild Feminine journey....

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