Dear Sister, 


We know the Wild lives in your heart. 
We feel the yearning you have to heal the Feminine.


Wild Feminine is initiating a Collective, in which medicine women can connect, collaborate, co-create and inspire each other. 


The Wild Woman that lives in all of us wants to be heard, wants to dance, wants to express. Many of our sisters are suppressing this side of themselves and it is our work to re-awaken the sacred spirit of all wild women. And we believe that is our shared purpose to do so. 


Our ancestors are speaking to us every day. We can hear the Earth asking for our full participation in the restoration of Balance, Love, Unity. 


I know you have been on this path of reclaiming the wild feminine. I want to invite you to become part of the Wild Feminine Collective. My desire is to join forces and have your powerful presence in this movement. 


Why become part of this collective?

Wild Feminine is an instinctive and intuitive creation. Community and support are what are going to allow our collective work to grow, rise and spread to as many women as possible. If you have a healing offering to share, the Collective is the community for it.


What is involved?
We are working towards creating a worldwide network of Wild Women. A place for women to find gatherings, events, workshops, and retreats focused on the healing of the feminine all around the world.


How do I join the Collective?

Sign up and become part of the Collective in 3 easy steps:

1. Join our email list here.

2. Follow Wild Feminine on Facebook and Instagram... and share the pages with sisters who may be interested.

3. Most importantly, send us your profile to be featured on our website!


Through the Collective, you will be able to share your wisdom and knowledge by:

  • Publishing blog articles through the lens of your expertise

  • Participating in an engaged community of medicine women from all over the world

  • Promoting your offerings and work on all of Wild Feminine's social media channels

  • ... and more to come!


I look forward to having you as part of Wild Feminine as we Rise Together towards a more nurturing, intuitive, raw and unapologetic expression of the Feminine.



Thank you for your Beauty, Devotion, and the Sacred Work you offer,


Glo, Grace, and the Wild Feminine team



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