Meet the Collective

The Wild Feminine Collective is a place where medicine women can connect, collaborate, co-create and inspire each other. We are creating a worldwide network of Wild Women. A place for women to find gatherings, events, workshops, and retreats focused on the healing of the feminine all around the world.




  • Consulting on ecological issues from a holistic perspective

  • Running classes, talks and workshops

  • Working with businesses at a local level to design alternative and sustainable supply chains

  • Conducting research and publishing articles


I believe this Collective will create support to reconnect with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of the instinctual feminine nature and I want to be part of a community I can share, learn and grow with.


 Lyndsay Babbitt 


  • Yoga

  • Personal Training


Being on the road with my boyfriend has really made me appreciate the importance of female interactions and relationships which inspire your creativity and support you through challenges.

 danielle ryan 


  • Clinical Herbalist

  • Holistic Nutritionist

  • Wellness Coach

  • Working with clients across the country and internationally as a guide to bring them into their highest state of vitality, naturally



I chose to become part of the Wild Feminine Collective because I believe the connection to the earth and to one another is our greatest tool to truly heal.



  • Herbalist

  • Aromatherapist

  • Teaching healers and therapists to heal their own wounds and find their personal myth in order to help others


I chose to become part of the Wild Feminine Collective because I believe it is time to come together and share our authentic selves with other women and with the world.

 Heather Saba 


  • Clinical Herbalist

  • Nutritionist

  • Offering one-on-one consultations


I chose to become a part of the Wild Feminine Collective to shift our focus as empassioned, working women from one of competition to Collaboration.


 Charity Yoro 


  • Content Writing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Creative Writing Facilitation


I believe this work will help to heal all women and all beings… I’m so excited to be part of the movement!

 Nicolina Higgins 


  • Women Centered Yoga

  • Empowerment Teacher

  • Henna Artist


We are at a pivotal time for the healing and empowerment of women worldwide. I feel passionately that through this work we can begin this healing process individually and collectively to embrace our most wild  and wonderful selves!!  

 Gavrila Nikhila 


  • Mindfulness and awakening practitioner

  • Osho Meditation and Yoga Nidra teacher

  • Sustainable and restorative living systems specialist

  • Member and contributor of the Evolutionary Leadership Community



Becoming part of the Wild Feminine Collective was not a choice, but rather a clear calling. I am aligned with remembering and embodying the wild feminine, bowing to the great power and strength of the feminine spirit, and joining community that is formed in re-invoking the light of the feminine.

 Giulia Garofalo 


  • Wholistic Nutrition

  • Ayurvedic Cuisine

  • Cacao Alchemy

  • Forest Gardening Consultation & Design

  • Earth Meditation, Ritual, and Ceremony​


We are the listeners, weavers, and creators of a fruitful revival. I believe the key principle of manifesting this process is collaboration. Together we are curating a time for whole, open systems to heal and reclaim the fluid territory our wild spirits already know.

 Teiras Palacio  


  • Jungian Psychology Practitioner 

  • Radical Honesty - Group Therapies

  • Conscious Parenting & Marriage

  • Oneironautics 

  • Jungle Schooling Off-Grid 

  • Natural Pregnancy & Birthing 

  • Research & Article Publishing (BSc)

  • Cultural & Critical Consciousness 

  • Translating (French/Spanish) 

  • Tropical Farming/Belizean Bush Medicine 


I've witnessed so many auspicious connections in my life, many of which through the internet. In Lak'ech Ala K'in 

 Li Mei Wong 


  • Yoga therapy

  • One on one & youth yoga and meditation

  • Partner yoga

  • Yoga modeling

  • Farm retreats.

I am feeling increasingly connected to, and lead by, my womb and wish to expand and vibe with like-hearted women.

 April Rameé 


  • Clinical herbalist as a Herbal Warrior of the Light

  • Plant Medicine Alchemist

  • Sound Healing

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Plant Ritual and Ceremony

I live within the constant cycles of Mother Gaia and the time is present for the re-wilding, reconnecting, and remembrance of the empowerment of the feminine energy. Being a part of this collective is to honor the divine force that all of us walk as humans to show up as the warrior of the lights. 

 Anjuli Mahendra 

 Elisabeth Beucher


  • International Retreat Leader

  • Yoga and Dance Teacher

  • Bodyworker

  • Empowerment Coach

To both support and be nourished by a wonderful group of women committed to being wild, going deep, and cultivating meaningful relationships.


  • Therapist & Spiritual Guide

  • Private Healing

  • Spiritual Teacher

  • Blogger and Writer

The Feminine Christ Consciousness is my passion and the focus of my work. i am trained to understand physical, psychic and sexual abuse from the standpoint of the distortion of the sexual energies.

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